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"Revelation," "Challenges," and "Look to the Sky" art show designs include:
- A classic vintage twist.
- Borderless text-free scarves.

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Our Testimonials

  • "Chaos and Order" is a colorful, high quality scarf that is not only beautiful to look at but also has a fabulous feel. I purchases the Silk Habotai. The distinctive graphic design can be twisted or tied in a way that allows a variety of the different colors to take center stage. I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ my new scarf. An artistic addition to anything I happen to be wearing. Elegant but also funky and fun!

    Paula R Scirati

  • I have followed John Herman's artwork for years now. I am very excited to be able to wear his artwork as a kimono! The aesthetics of his work lends itself well to wearable art. The colors, patterns, shapes, textures all come together in a pleasing composition that is different from anything I have seen before. I am grateful to him for sharing his artwork in this way! Thank you!

    Carol James Jackson

  • I received this mask and a scarf as a gift . I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the art design was and the quality of the fabric is so nice. Definitely recommend this company and their products. High quality and beautiful design!!

    Donna Lee

  • I was so excited to receive my order (and in such a timely manner), I rushed inside to open it as quickly as possible! Oohs and ahhs literally tumbled out of my mouth as I pulled it out of the packaging. I have been a fan of John Hermann's art for several years and own a print, but I must say the art on this silk scarf is simply breathtaking. The colors are so vibrant and the silk feels simply luxurious! My next purchase will be a silk kimono - it will be heavenly to wrap myself in a silk piece of art with a fine glass of wine. Ahh

    Penelope Winks

  • So excited to recieve this gift today to celebrate my Birthday. It is 100% silk and bright beautiful colors. Can wear over jeans or dress it up over a dress. Couldn't be happier with this wearable art. Thanks to the arts for doing unique art wear and the creaters to sew this product Worth the price. Loving it!

    Jeannine Kidwell

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