August 25, 2022

5 Easy Ways to Style a Scarf

5 Easy Ways to Style a Scarf

If there is ever a piece of clothing that’s easy to put on and versatile, it’s the evergreen scarf. A scarf usually conveys a unique sense of style, especially in its design and how it’s draped, and is not limited by gender. The history of scarves can be traced back to Egypt and the Valley of the Pharaohs, where Queen Nefertiti was known to have adorned a piece of fabric around her collar to accentuate her neck jewels.

A scarf is capable of making a statement of one’s individuality, and even their artistic expression. The printed long scarves by ArtDogs connotes just that, and perhaps more. Their philosophy is to embrace street style as casual wear. They take pride in designing wearable art with emphasis on making quality and eco-friendly products with a controlled carbon footprint.

The vibrant hues and patterns encourage you to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. But patterns can be tricky to style with, especially if you’re already sporting a mostly bohemian aesthetic.

Here’s a guide on how you could rock the printed ArtDogs long scarves in five fun and easy ways:

1. Basic Black
This one’s the most popular and easiest to get on board with. Adding instant color with your ArtDogs printed long scarf, your all-black ensemble gets an instant lift. Drape it on a dress, knott it around your neck over a jeans and t-shirt look, or as a kerchief. To amp up the style further, you could even use your scarves as a belt, seamlessly
breaking the monotony of a single toned color.

2. Edgy Elegance
If you’re more punk, then adding a graphic pattern in dark hues is the perfect pairing to match your leather jacket and studded boots.

3. Winter Woes
The cold climate can be quite fashionably unforgiving, especially if you like to bundle up. Adding a scarf with gorgeous graphic patterns on plain and bulky coats gives you a chic look, elevating you from drab to fab.

4. Summer Style
Tying your printed long scarf around your hips as a skirt is the creative and fun summer hack of your dreams. Pair it on a monochromatic fitted shirt, tank top, or a bikini bralette and flaunt those gorgeous legs!

5. Happy Hair
Adding scarves to your tresses is the go-to accessory to add a flash of color and character to your outfit. For smaller hair, style it as a headband, with its ends falling supply over your shoulders. For longer locks, using it as a hair tie adds extra oomph to your clothing. If you’re pairing ArtDogs long printed scarves with a patterned garment, make sure the base colors match.

Simply wrapping a scarf around your neck is still a thing, but with all these different ways to wear printed scarves, your fashion for the year is surely sorted. Flaunt your unique self the ArtDogs way!

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