October 28, 2022

Dress Up Your Printed Unisex T-shirts For The Holidays

If there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that dressing casually is the comfiest. Pajamas and athleisure are mainstream wear now, so why not upgrade the humble T-shirt?

With the holidays right around the corner, looking fabulous without going overboard is the vibe. T-shirts would usually fall somewhere pretty close to the casual end of your closet. But the basic shirt has been upgraded to a cool unisex T-shirt that can now be used as a comfy, adaptable item that can be readily incorporated into numerous outfits.

ArtDogs’ unisex T-shirts are the perfect style splurge this thanksgiving. The graphic prints and bold color choices will have you be the talk of the celebrations. Not just for gatherings but dressing up a T-shirt for everyday wear is something you must incorporate into your closet to keep the festive season going.

Experimentation is good, but it should be well thought out. Prints are THE fashion trend these days for both men and women. However, styling a printed unisex T-shirt can be a bit of a challenge. Since they come in various patterns and colors, perfectly pairing them can give you some of the best looks in fashion.

Ways To Style Printed Tees

Prints give a fresh and energetic look. Adding the vibrant hues to your wardrobe will uplift any festive vibe, looking from drab to fab instantly. From casual to semi-formal, here are some of the many ways you can dress them up:

Day Looks

You can wear outfits paired with a printed unisex T-shirt to the office or for daytime socializing over a pumpkin spiced latte:

·       With a Blazer: If wearing a T-shirt to work is acceptable, consider dressing it up with a blazer. Put on a great pair of work-appropriate shoes and tuck the shirt into your khakis or chinos.

·       With a Skirt: If you wear a T-shirt with a midi skirt or pencil skirt, your outfit will look casual but put together. Choose flats, wedges, or ankle boots to complete your look.

·       Get Shorty: Shorts and a T-shirt are a practical summer ensemble for the warmer months. Tuck the shirt into your shorts in either a full or semi-tuck. To boost your look, wear a belt, which can be worn as a fashion accessory.

·       Layer It: Tuck a bold print T-shirt into your jeans and top it with a plain open button shirt knotted mid-waist for a retro and chic casual look while out with friends or shopping.

·       Denim Darling: For cooler weather, a denim-on-denim outfit is like a pop star’s dream. Add a printed tee under the jean fabric to break the monotony, uplifting the overall look.

Evening Looks

The season calls for plenty of night outs and social events. You can wear a unisex T-shirt for more informal nights out in many situations. Here are some of our favorite wardrobe suggestions:

·       High-Waisted Tuck: For a more fashionable look, slip your tee into a wide-leg pant, high-waisted skirt, or pair of jeans. From dual-toned to a multi-color display, play with a range of graphics to make the T-shirt the main attraction.

·       French Tuck: A French tuck, also known as a half tuck, is when the front of your shirt is tucked into your pants, but the sides and back are left hanging out and loose. You can dress up your nightwear with skinny jeans, chinos, or even shorts for this on-trend, club-ready style.

·       Matchy Matchy: A dazzling ensemble can be created with a solid-colored blazer and skirt pair that match. A printed T-shirt worn underneath single-toned suits can pull the look together and produce a look appropriate for a night out at a restaurant or cocktail bar. Choose the dominant color of the print to pull the look together.

T-shirts are a fantastic choice if you want a low-key vibe but can also dress them up to hit those thanksgiving get-togethers. Visit ArtDogs to take advantage of our Black Friday deals on our printed unisex T-shirt collection if you need more fashion inspo for the holidays!

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